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[1]Name:mallory [2]Location:new jersey [3]Age:14 [4]Sex:female… - General ickyness

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June 16th, 2004

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08:06 pm

[2]Location:new jersey
[5]Short paragraph that emphasises your ickyness: oh dear, i dont know what to write. um. im just icky ok!?
[6]Bush: oh. i dont personally like him, but i know his dad and hes nice and stuff. i dont think he should be reelected thou.
[7]Abortion: pro-life. abortion=murder. im sorry. im very against death.

[8]Gay marriage: gay people are people too. let them be married and happy.
[9]Bands: brand new, bright eyes, the promise ring, all that emo crap.
[10]Books:the perks of being a wallflower. and speak
[11]Games:like board games? um...candy land XD
[12]Hobbies: i play lacrosse and i write. thats about it. i also go on livejournal alot.well duh.
[14]Picture time...at least three:

 i like cups.

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